TPE Kiosks Open in Seoul

After 3 weeks in Seoul, 3 cafe openings, countless BBQ’s, beers, coffees, noodles and new friends made, I am back in the U.S., excited for our success emerging into the Korean market and looking forward to whatever comes next.

We opened the Flagship Store on Sept 12th and had a killer party. A week later we popped up in the Hyundai Coex department store, with a built in kiosk of sorts, sporting a beautiful La Marzocco Strada and a group of great baristas.

The following Monday, Seoul’s residents were rubbing their eyes to make sure they were seeing properly when we opened up a 3rd cafe in the Hyundai Apgujeong Department Store. A very similar setting to the Coex branch, but unique in the crowds it attracts, and crowds there were…

Each opening brought in tons of different folks, whose ears were ringing from hearing that Stumptown has emerged into Korea. “Could it be?” Their excitement was apparent, their cups were full and smiles spread as eager groups of coffee lovers passed around each others coffees, getting a thorough taste of what TPE Seoul has to offer.

We are excited to announce our sucessfull openings in Seoul and break out of Los Angeles. Stay tuned to see the whole thing unfold in the soon coming CaffeiNation Seoul!

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