What is The Pancake Epidemic?

The concept of The Pancake Epidemic was to create a physical space that could function as an everyday “think-thank”.

StreetVirus wanted to create a place where like-minded creatives could get together and build relationships. The anchor of The Pancake Epidemic revolves around a good cup of coffee, that serves as creative fuel. Everything else (art and furniture) in the office is carefully selected and curated to create an inspiring and innovative environment. The art at TPE changes as much as the foot traffic through the space, creating an infectious energy is something one will identify as soon as they walk through the door.

“I wanted to design a number of pockets (e.g. Fender Lounge, El Cazado, Stumptown Outpost etc.), so that those within the agency can move, explore and discover.” – Dr. Romanelli

The initial goal, plain and simple, was to get group of influencers and tastemakers together over a pancake breakfast. The sole purpose of this was to connect and create opportunity amongst peers, friends and like-minded individuals, generating a much needed injection of COMMUNITY within beautiful Los Angeles.

Here’s a look at the evolution of TPE over the past five months…

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