The Relationship Between Coffee and Art


Coffee and art have always had a close relationship. A coffee house without art is like a bar without a flat screen TV. But while the flat screen in a bar force-feeds you endless fast paced sports highlights, the art in a cafe eases you beyond such trivial interests and into your own perception of the surrounding images projections.The art creates the atmosphere and the coffee creates the mood, thus, combining the two could only result in a space that inspires…

Of course it could go both ways. You probably wouldn’t find me spending my days in a cafe with the walls littered in H.R. Geiger prints. Though he is a great artist, the imagery doesn’t coincide with the environment that puts me at ease. That environment I am referring to is simply comprised of positive energy. I don’t expect to find Monet or Banksy at a local coffee house. I expect to see something new. A local artists work, gaining support from the community with the help of that cafe.

The Pancake Epidemic has a very similar relationship between coffee and art. Though our walls are covered in truly collectable and contemporary art, and our community is spread across the globe, we are still curating an environment that is heavily influenced the ‘vibe’ put off by the art, and the mood induced by the coffee.

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