Levi’s Vintage Orange Tab Collection

Special invited guests got the chance to go back in time to celebrate the re-launch of Levi’s Orange Tab Collection at TPE’s recent Coffee Grinder. Brand ambassadors with their customized 1972 Gremlin and Renegade, were out front to greet guests whom had absolutely no idea of the psychedelic experience they were about to receive.

Venice snack bar, Superba cooked up a delicious breakfast and Travis from Stumptown supplied everyone with their needed caffeine fix. KLVC’s radio station was enjoyed by all and the dedication hotline was a hit. Besides having the soon to be released collection out on display, 70’s inspired bumper stickers, a recreated Zipper magazine and polaroid pictures were handed out to guests to generate excitement for Saturday’s “Party in Your Pants” festival that took place in Topanga Canyon.

Take a look at what went down:

“Party in Your Pants” images by Jesse Meeker.

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