Jason Travi Interview


We got to talk with Jason Travi, owner of littlefork, one of LA’s much-loved restaurants, particularly known for serving some of the freshest flavors representing the Northeast Atlantic.

Where did your love for cooking come from and what influenced you to make a career out of food?

I am a third generation chef. My father’s family has continuously run a restaurant in Massachusetts for 55 years. I learned to cook from my dad and his brother and then my mom forced me to go to culinary school and that is how I escaped New England.

Please explain the concept, inception and evolution of littlefork?

littlefork is a mash-up of New England and Montreal, basically the Atlantic Northeast. My partners and I love Montreal and New England and thought the two would work really well together. We are constantly sourcing ingredients from the region to bring to littlefork, we love to take traditional ideas and put a new spin on them.


What is your favorite item on littlefork’s menu?

Raw oysters, I never get tired of shucking and eating oysters. We get an amazing variety from New England and Quebec.

Most ordered dish at littlefork?

The lobster roll. We serve the lobster salad on a parker house style hotdog bun and we make sea salt and vinegar potato chips that get served with it. Old school.

What was your inspiration behind the menu you put together for the TPE event?

Just trying to represent the Atlantic Northeast and have fun doing it.


In your opinion, what makes pancakes such an important element to breakfast?

Total Americana on a plate.

What is littefork’s relationship/connection with American Gonzo?

I will be starting a new concept with American Gonzo in the new year, as well as keeping an eye on littlefork.

Any exciting projects coming up for littlefork?

November 7th littlefork will be taking part in Tasting Table’s Lobster Roll Rumble to see who has the best lobster roll in town.


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