Introducing Mark’s Boutique


The Pancake Epidemic is thrilled to announce that iconic musician and producer, Money Mark is set up and ready to take over the music space.

Although we don’t want to divulge too much info just yet, we can tell you that along with our caffeine intake, he’ll be fueling our creativity with his experimental music sessions and extensive instrument collection.

We spoke Money Mark about his extensive career and what’s to come of #MARKSBOUTIQUE:

You’ve had a successful career working with artists such as The Beastie Boys, Banyan, Jack Johnson and recently Die Antwoord. What has it
been like working with such a vast variety of artists and how has your style evolved over the years?

Actually i feel that i haven’t really changed my style from the get go‚Ķ..I def learned a ton of technique over the this long arc but the intrinsic values have never really changed… work ethic is simple: work hard, play hard….. I’ve just become what I imagined myself to be. it’s a bit Jungian to say but truthfully I’m not surprised by how things unfolded and how I was attracted to other artists with like minds…..certain things become self- evident. i didn’t choose anything but I also didn’t fight the gravity of time.

What/who have been the greatest influences to you musically?

Music/art influences range from John Cage, Stockhausen,Suzanne Ciani, Delia Derbyshire, Ben Burtt, Carl Stone to Miles, Monk, Dolphy, Simone, Kirk, Jimmy Smith to Steel Pulse, Lee Perry, Fania All-Stars, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Perry-Kingsley, Beatles, Stones, Nicky Hopkins, Jim Keltner, Carol Kaye, Clash, Os Mutantes, Jorge Ben, John Lennon, Esquivel, Yma Sumac, Ella Fitzgerald, Carole King, Al Green, David Bowie, Mixmaster Mike, Q-Bert , Kid Koala , A-Trak, Schooly -D, PE, Beastie Boys, Tupac, Biggie, Biz, Bob Moog, balloons popping, bus brakes squeaking, children laughing/screaming, east LA ice cream trucks, water pipes, dogs barking, crickets( o yeah!), Mel Blanc, and especially Andy Kaufman and ……….?……filmakers?, painters?, architects?, …….? ? ? ?

The lounge at TPE will soon become the #MarksBoutique, can you explain what the lounge will consist of and what can be expected in the near future?

Well, just from being around gear and musical instruments my whole life i’ve come to realize that functionality and design are inseparable and success depends on it. Machines and humans must interface in harmony and intuitively. A Steinway or Stradivarius to A Fender Telecaster or Hammond organ or a typewriter or an automobile. These machines somehow have personalities or even artificial souls (or real souls: call me crazy) and when you hold something inanimate close to you it has to speak out something on its own as well. If it feels right then it perpetuates the relationship. both win. a tennis players racket. a shoe. a pen. a space. its a true collaboration. I’m now thinking I should create a machine that I enjoy using and that has a definitive soul. i was inspired by Raymond Scott when I saw his Clavivox (during my residency at Calgaries Keyboard Museum) and when I saw Q-Berts performance turntable and also by Bob Moogs Mini-Moog….. hopefully the lounge will be an electric forest of inspiration‚Ķ let’s hope…

Through a lecture performance, Money Mark took last friday’s Coffee Grinder attendees on a journey of his career via machine. Take a look at the beginning of what’s to come from this unique relationship…

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