A collaborative commentary on the love-hate dynamic between two world powers. Democracy vs. Communism. Yao Ming vs. Kobe Bryant. Red-white-and-blue vs. red-and-yellow. Both nations are inextricably tied and dependent on each other economically; both are slaves and inspiration for the other. The intersections between American and China can be as ugly as military pissing contests or as beautiful a concoction as Olivia Munn. The Hundreds X CLOT throws it in a work and stir-frieds it like mall food-court orange chicken.

The direction was to take vintage Americana themes from the gut of ‘80s middle America and fuse a Chinese sentiment. Think stripes, Bruce Springsteen, hamburgers and milkshakes, blondes in bikinis, rock & roll, and backyard summertime barbecues; now think red stars, dim sum dumplings, tigers and lotus flowers. The core mark is representative of the theme: a merged American and Chinese flag. Dragons where eagles should be, or vice versa.

The Hundreds X CLOT. An American classic. Made in China.

-Bobby Hundreds

The MADE IN CHINA capsule collection will be available on SEPT 13th at specified JUICE locations & online!

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