Fair-Ends x DRx Custom Hat Colab

On March 13th we had the privilege of celebrating the innovative hat brand, ‘Fair-Ends’ and their collaborative project with Dr. Romanelli, where he de-and-reconstructed their hats with vintage materials, yielding a small collection of one of a kind 6-panel caps. Their team came out, while touring around the states showcasing their wide range of hat selections and did custom, heat-pressed lettering on each hat for our guests.

‘Alejandras Quesadillas’ came out for her second time supporting TPE with her incredibly authentic, Oaxacan blue corn quesadillas, with the meat filling of your choice and salsa so spicy it should have a warning label on it.

A great crowd gathered around to experience Fair-Ends’ on-the-spot hat customization and everybody left sporting a hat with anything from their initials to fun four-letter-words branded across their heads.

The event was lively and interactive and we can’t wait to see what Fair-Ends does next. Thanks to everyone involved!