DRx Custom ‘Pancake Epidemic Seoul’ Aprons

A few months back our Korean partners, Kasina, manufactured a line of extremely high quality aprons to sell in store, as well as to be worn by the staff on the job. Beautifully designed, thick cut denim with 5 pockets, topped off with a leather Pancake Epidemic Seoul patch front and centre. These aprons were clearly designed with much more than aesthetics in mind, reaching a new level of functionality and quality.

They sent a handful of aprons to us here in L.A. and Dr. Romanelli went to town, diving into his collection of 2 of the most iconic American work brands, Levis and Carhartt, he deconstructed the aprons and rebuilt them with that iconic DRx ‘cut-n-sew’ style.

Now the aprons are completing their 12,000 mile round-trip-journey back to Seoul, where they’ll be displayed in the flagship Pancake Epidemic store, bringing TPE L.A.’s Americana feel to our Korean clientele.