Coffee & Exclusivity


The very essence of the word ‘exclusive’ could be perceived negatively¬†or secretively, though in a communal setting it makes a lot of sense…

TPE is a space where like minded individuals gather to share ideas and creating an opportunity for future collaborations and projects within a curated community. This is a place where enthusiasts of food, drink, art and music come to be inspired, break bread or simply get the the best coffee around (certainly the most exclusive cup of coffee around) extracted from the most highly sought-after beans on the market, provided to us by Stumptown.

Since Stumptown’s inception, they have managed to source and build solid relationships with the farms producing only the highest quality beans. Establishing a relationship with who we believe to be the highest quality roasters, allows us to proudly serve our guests with only the finest quality beverages. The Pancake Epidemic’s close-knit community serves as the primary link in our chain of exclusivity.

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