Coffee and The Culture That Follows

Coffee collage

Lately I have been changing up my (coffee) beverage of choice from black drip, to the Cuban style Cafe con Lechè, two very different drinks. I grew up on the Cafe con Lechè… My grandmother would make my sister and I a decaf before bed every night. Simply a bit of strong coffee, a bit of sugar and a good amount of milk. Delicious. However, changing up my daily drink has gotten me thinking about all the different coffee I have had in various countries and how hard it is to personally replicate or find coffee the same way it was served in Spain, England, Australia or New Zealand.

There has truly been something unique about the coffee I have had on each of the continents I have visited. In Australia I was drinking the Flat White and in New Zealand the Long Black. In Spain it was the Cortado and in the Caribbean we brewed with a Moka. In the States I’ve been submerged in artisan coffee, and I’d consider myself lifetime connoisseur of diner coffee and ‘cowboy’ brewing methods. One commonality between all these very different places is just ‘Coffee’ and its own unique culture that follows.

People gather together to have conversations over coffee, dates over tea, to make new friends in the local cafe. Your local coffee house serves a social beverage. Drink up!

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