Coffee and Pancakes


Whats better than a cup of coffee in the morning? Nothing…

Some enjoy it to wake up, others to compliment their breakfast, but like anything else, of course, coffee will pair better with some meals over others. Coffee and steak? No thanks. Coffee and pancakes on the other hand, yes please! Something about the combination ofa toasty, roasty cup of black and a stack of pancakes doused in butter and syrup creates Christmas morning in my stomach. A blend of sweets and savories, bready and buttery grub with a warm cup of straight forward, strong black coffee. Mmmmm…

I feel like if I were to put any amount of sugar in my coffee, the whole combo would be too sweet. If I removed the syrup from the fusion, it would be lacking an essential element of its composition. Too much syrup and its all ruined! My ideal combination goes as follows : 5 pancakes, 1 (FAT) pad of butter, roughly 1/2 cup of suryp, 3 scrambled eggs and a cup of drip coffee (black) . The lethal combo. The breakfast of champions, given you are able to get up and walk afterward.

Some folks like like fruits or chocolates in their pancakes or syrup. I have developed a system for identifying your ideal pancake breakfast. Your ‘Cake Make’ and your ‘Bottle Model’. So whats your make and model? Choco-chip pancakes with rasberry syrup? Huckleberry pancakes with mint syrup and orange zest on top? Cream cheese filled pancakes topped with candied cherries and rosebud pineapple syrup?? Whatever your make and model, we got it. And hopefully soon we will be inventing our own unique flavor profiles, just for ourselves and guests to enjoy every friday, here at The Pancake Epidemic.

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