‘Cats Out Of The Bag’ Felix the Cat, Slow Culture

At this point Felix the Cat has become a long-term resident at The Pancake Epidemic. His mischievous smile is peering out from a corner in almost every room.. Friday, May 1st we had the privilege of celebrating Felix’s invasion of the Slow Culture art gallery, with 40 artist contributions, including pieces from Phil Frost, Oliver Clegg, Kostas Seremitis & many more.

Slow culture’s own Phil Nisco set up a display of outdated analog televisions that flickered between white noise, original Felix imagery and loops of tripped out Felix-scapes made by himself. All the while, 3 feet to the left was a team who were taking requests and airbrushing personalised Felix T’s..

Breakfast was supplied by the folks at ‘donut friend’ who gave us a variety of over 300 donuts, that were impressively satisfying and unique.

A big thanks @SlowCultureGallery for the energy and resurrection of Felix the Cat with the “Cats Out of the Bag” show, which ran from May 8th to the 30th.