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The Journey Continues!

In the second installment of CAFFEINATION Brandon and Jesse head to El Salvador to educate themselves on the process of Sourcing Coffee. Watch as Brandon and world-class coffee producer Aida Batlle, go through each step of the 'Seed-to-Cup' journey until eventually yielding a very special and limited batch of The Pancake Epidemic's very own Coffee. Stay tuned!

Welcome to Caffeination

What makes a perfect cup of coffee? It starts with the bean, but many would say ”it’s all about the Roast”.

The Pancake Epidemic presents its first original web series, CAFFEINATION, starring their very own coffee specialist, Brandon Davenport.

This overly caffeinated road-trip brings Brandon around the Western and Central United States to discuss the roasting process and current coffee culture with dozens of different roasters.

Stay tuned to all seven episodes to see if Brandon can reach his goal of drinking 100 cups of coffee during his road-trip through the Central and Western United States.


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