Boulder was a nice stop. I have a great friend, Luke Amerin, that lives in a cabin above Boulder. I was dying to see his spot that I had heard so much about and catch up. The Cabin that his family owns has been passed through several generations and is a part of a small commune of 10 or so cabins. Given that the last of the winter snow was just melting, we were pretty much alone up there, with an entire cabin and club house to ourselves. We had pool, bowling, shuffleboard and many other games to play while relaxing in the evenings, so the Boulder stop was one of our only chances to take it easy and kick back. Much needed!

Right when we arrived we went to Ozo Coffee which was great. I got jacked up on 3 coffees immediately, starting the Boulder journey off right. I have to say that we probably spent way too much money on food there. The restaurants were amazing. They had such well designed spaces, innovative menus and eclectic options. Surprisingly enough, I had one of the best breakfast burritos and burgers I’ve ever had, right there in Boulder.

Our last day in Boulder we met with Boxcar Coffee Owner, Vajra , and learned all about his extremely rare roaster as well as their completely custom developed “BoilerMaker” Coffee Brewer. I loved seeing something fresh and new that deep into the trip. They seemed to know their methods at Boxcar. Next we went to see Tamas from Dragonfly roasters, who REALLY impressed me with his knowledge of coffee roasting. He had a perspective we hadn’t encountered yet… the perspective of a highly intelligent scientist that roasts from a highly refined knowledge of the genetic make-up of the coffee bean. The Sumatran variety he served me was close to (if not) the best coffee I had tasted on the trip. Congrats Tamas!

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