CAFFEINATION: Brandon’s Take on San Francisco


San Francisco. What a great place to begin our journey. SF is a long time favorite get away of mine and one of the most caffeinated cities we would find along the way. The drive from L.A. felt great. We had a long way ahead of us, so the first leg was an enjoyable immersion into what the next two weeks would consist of… A lot of driving and even more coffee.

Upon arriving, we hit up a couple roasters we hadn’t planned on and had some impressive coffee. It was great to get straight to tasting and the next day had plenty more in store for us. First thing in the morning we stopped by Black Scale to see some friends of TPE who very kindly supplied me with some new gear for the road trip. We headed from there to tasting coffee with Charlie, a friend of ours from the city. A day with minimal plans quickly filled up with checking out various roasters, seeing the sights and eating some delicious food. Day three was to be a busy one from the get go.

Starting the morning in North Beach with Lucciano from Graffeo Coffee and ending the day in Hayes Valley with Eileen from Ritual Roasters, I had an educational day tasting coffee and learning about different roasting and brewing methods. San Francisco Is filled to the brim with delicious coffee. I could have spent two weeks tasting coffee in SF alone, but the road was calling us North. On to Portland!

Enjoy CAFFEINATION Episode 1: San Francisco!

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